Five Ways to Extend the Life of Your Hydraulic Pumps

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Hydraulic pumps are the driving force behind industrial applications, converting mechanical rotation into fluid flow and pressure for cylinders, motors, and automation. As such a vital component, it’s critical to maximize hydraulic pump life through proper sizing, installation, maintenance, and operation.

Five Ways to Extend the Life of Your Hydraulic Pumps

Here are five ways you can get more years out of your hydraulic pumps:

  • Size Pumps Correctly. Choosing too small of a pump leads to cavitation, overheating failures, and inferior performance. But oversized pumps also strain systems with excess pressure spikes and heat while wasting input energy.
  • Keep Fluid Clean. Contaminated hydraulic fluid is the number-one killer of pumps with particles eroding precision clearances between components. Just a 5-micron particle leads to scoring and unnecessary wear. Use premium hydraulic fluids and high-efficiency filters. Regular oil analysis also helps monitor contamination.
  • Maintain Proper Levels. Running pumps too low on hydraulic fluid allows air ingestion and cavitation, which destroys internal parts immediately. Always maintain levels to prevent pump starvation. Breather caps also prevent contaminants from entering reservoirs.
  • Control Temperature Wide temperature shifts result in viscosity changes that wear pumps prematurely. Keep hydraulic fluid within recommended temperature range with external cooling systems, as necessary. Sustained operation at excess temperatures degrades seals and erodes close-tolerance surfaces.
  • Install Pressure Regulation. Ensure proper pressure relief valves are installed and monitor loads for spikes exceeding pump ratings. Consider accumulator tanks to dissipate damaging hydraulic shock waves.

By sizing appropriately, keeping fluids pure, keeping operating conditions stable, and preventing pressure spikes and cavitation, hydraulic pumps can achieve many thousands of hours of reliable service. Consult our specialists anytime to implement these best practices or troubleshoot pump issues promptly. With proper care, hydraulic pumps will continue smoothly transferring power throughout their full service lifetime.