Troubleshooting Common Hydraulic Check Valve Issues

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A hydraulic check valve allows fluids to flow in one direction while preventing backflow in hydraulic systems. However, issues can arise if a hydraulic check valve reverses flow, leaks, and/or damages components. Troubleshooting hydraulic check valve problems is key for resolving these critical issues quickly.

Troubleshooting Common Hydraulic Check Valve Issues

At Dalton Hydraulic, we urge you to enlist the expertise of our hydraulic specialists when valve problems persist. The most common hydraulic check valve issues include the following:

  • Reverse Flow. Hydraulic backflow happening through the valve often indicates failure of the valve-sealing mechanism. This allows high-pressure fluid to flow backwards through the system. Reverse flow can result from stuck valves, worn seals/springs, or debris lodged in the valve.
  • Leakage. Leakage around the check valve often signals worn seals or sealing surfaces on the ball and seat ring. Excess clearances can enable fluid to bypass the components. Left unresolved, external and internal leakage undermines efficient system functionality and safety.
  • Sluggish Operation. Slow valve opening or closing allows backflow or flow rate issues temporarily. This indicates worn springs, sticking valves from contamination buildup internally, or improper pressure settings.
  • Not Closing. If a hydraulic check valve remains stuck open, it cannot prevent reverse flow issues. This points to failure of return mechanisms or seized internal components unable to reseat even without backpressure present. Stuck valves require immediate troubleshooting to avoid reverse flow damage.

While end users can check for issues like leaks, sluggish operation, and reverse flow, fully inspecting internal valve components and assemblies requires hydraulic specialists. Hydraulic check valve repair attempts by unqualified personnel can result in equipment damage and physical hazards.

By enlisting experienced hydraulic pros to troubleshoot and rectify any check valve issues promptly, you prevent unnecessary system downtime and safety risks. Keep our team in mind for all your hydraulic check valve and fluid power component troubleshooting needs.