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Order your hoist telescopic cylinders from us.

Hoist telescopic cylinders are a type of hydraulic cylinder frequently used for heavy-lifting applications. These cylinders maintain a compact, space-saving design while still providing a long stroke.

Hoist Telescopic Cylinders in Virginia

Hoist telescopic cylinders are referred to as being “telescopic” because of their basic construction. These cylinders feature several smaller tubes that sit within one another. When these tubes extend, they can go directly outwards and provide a longer stroke compared to a traditional hydraulic setup.

While beneficial for many applications, hoist telescopic cylinders are mainly used for applications where a large amount of force is needed to complete the desired action, typically lifting up heavy loads. For instance, you can often find hoist telescopic cylinders in dump trucks, cranes, and other types of heavy equipment. Most of the time, these cylinders are used in applications where there is less space available but a higher lift is still required.

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