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Dump truck cylinders are a type of hydraulic cylinder found in larger trucks. These cylinders play a critical role in the functioning of the dump truck’s body or bed. The main purpose of dump truck cylinders is to help the container on the back of the truck go up at an angle to unload what’s held inside.

Dump Truck Cylinders in Tennessee

Because dump truck cylinders are hydraulic cylinders, they use hydraulic fluid to move the piston forward and generate force. In many cases, these cylinders are mounted on top of the dump truck’s frame and then connected to the body. When activated, the cylinders extend, allowing the dump body to go up and tilt at an angle to dump out what’s in the truck bed.

The right dump truck cylinders contribute to the efficient operation of the truck, allowing it to quickly and easily unload different materials, such as sand, gravel, construction debris, and more. If one of these cylinders breaks down or falls into disrepair, the truck will not be able to perform its intended purpose.

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