Why Choose Welded Hydraulic Cylinders Over Tie-Rod Hydraulic Cylinders?

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At Dalton Hydraulics, we have over 21 years of experience providing high-quality hydraulic cylinders for all types of industrial applications. When it comes to selecting the right cylinder, customers often ask us about the differences between welded hydraulic cylinders and tie-rod cylinders and which one they should choose. Let’s compare the two cylinder types and outline why you may want to choose welded hydraulic cylinders over tie-rod cylinders for certain applications.

Why Choose Welded Hydraulic Cylinders Over Tie-Rod Hydraulic Cylinders?

Welded hydraulic cylinders are constructed by welding the cylinder barrel directly to the cylinder caps. This creates an incredibly robust cylinder with no rods or pipes connecting the two ends. On the other hand, tie-rod cylinders use high-strength threaded steel rods to connect the end caps to either end of the barrel. So why choose welded cylinders? They have a few key advantages:

  • Higher Pressure Capabilities. The solid single-piece barrel construction of a welded hydraulic cylinder allows it to withstand significantly higher internal pressures than tie-rod cylinders. This makes these cylinders ideal for high pressure applications.
  • Improved Durability. With no connecting rods or pipes, welded cylinders can better endure shock, vibration, side loads, and extreme cyclic fatigue without leaking or failure.
  • Leak-Free Operation. Since there are no threaded connections between barrels and caps, welded cylinders prevent any opportunity for leaks. This optimizes efficiency and safety.
  • Customization Ability. Welded hydraulic cylinders can be more easily customized to meet unique specifications required by customers. We fabricate cylinders for all types of dimensions, mounts, ports, and industry standards.

The downside of welded cylinders is higher upfront costs compared to tie-rod cylinders. However, for challenging hydraulic applications where maximum pressures, durability, and leak prevention are critical, welded cylinders usually pay for themselves over time through superior performance. So, whether you need an off-the-shelf cylinder or fully custom cylinder fabrication, contact our team today to discuss the ideal cylinder type and specifications to suit your requirements.