Four Steps to Achieving Smooth Operation with Hydraulic Motors

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Hydraulic motors harness fluid power and convert it into reliable rotational force for all types of industrial equipment and machinery. Whether providing torque for conveyors, rollers, lifts, fans or something else, smooth hydraulic motor operation optimizes functionality. However, issues undermine hydraulic motor performance.

Four Steps to Achieving Smooth Operation with Hydraulic Motors

By following these four key steps, you’ll be able to achieve perfectly smooth motor operation:

  1. Control System Pressure. Unsteady hydraulic pressure leads to uneven motor output and vibration issues over time. Ensure pumps meet target pressure ranges without exceeding motor pressure ratings. Also install pressure-regulating valves to prevent pressure spikes from valves engaging/disengaging suddenly. Accumulator tanks help smooth pressure pulses for steady motor function.
  2. Install Quality Filtration. Contaminants in hydraulic systems are guaranteed to ruin smooth functionality fast. Sand, metal shavings and other debris increase friction while scoring precise motor surfaces. Premium hydraulic fluid and high-efficiency filters removing particles 5 microns or larger are highly recommended.
  3. Precision Alignment. Even minor misalignments lead to premature wear, seal leaks, increased vibration, and noise issues over time. Take the time to precision-align shaft couplings and motor mounts to avoid side loading. Monitoring temperature across motor housings also indicates developing misalignments.
  4. Properly Size Components. Oversized motors lead to low-speed operation and difficulty building momentum. But undersized hydraulic motors force systems to work too hard. Work closely with our specialists to properly size motors for equipment loads and desired operation speeds.

While well-designed systems may operate smoothly initially, contamination, misalignments and wear will necessitate hydraulic service to restore efficiency. Partnering with our team ensures access to precision troubleshooting and hydraulic motor rebuild, repair, and replacement services whenever operation issues emerge. With routine maintenance and by following these operational best practices, your hydraulic motors will deliver thousands of hours of smooth, reliable power transmission for your operations.