4 Common Types of Hydraulic Motors

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Hydraulic motors are devices that convert hydraulic pressure and fluid into mechanical motion. This is the opposite of what hydraulic cylinders do, which is converting hydraulic pressure into linear motion. Today, hydraulic motors are commonly used in many applications where rotational movement is needed to operate vehicles, machinery, and other types of equipment.

4 Common Types of Hydraulic Motors

There are several different types of hydraulic motors used in various applications today. Here are four of the most common types you may recognize:

  • Gear motors: These motors use gears to convert hydraulic fluid pressure into mechanical motion. These motors are widely used because of their reliability, simple configuration, and ability to operate consistently under harsh operating conditions.
  • Vane motors: These motors rely on a set of vanes that slide in and out of different slots within a rotor. Vane motors are known for their smooth operation, efficiency, and ability to operate at differing speeds.
  • Piston motors: These motors convert hydraulic pressure into rotational mechanical motion through a series of pistons located within a cylinder. These motors are known for the capability to provide precise control over speed and torque, as well as their efficiency. This type of hydraulic motor is often used in mobile and heavy-duty industrial applications.
  • Orbital motors: Orbital hydraulic motors work by using an inner rotor and outer stator. When fluid comes into the motor, the pressure pushes the lobes of the stator against the lobes of the rotor, which causes the rotor to spin in an orbital motion.

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