3 Things You Need to Know About Hydraulic Cylinders

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3 Things You Need to Know About Hydraulic CylindersHydraulic cylinders are incredibly useful and versatile tools, so they are used in a wide range of mechanical systems. Our team at Dalton Hydraulic specializes in sourcing and supplying all types of hydraulic cylinders for different applications, and you can count on us to help you find the ideal models for your needs.

In this article, we will go over some key information you need to know about hydraulic cylinders so that you can select the best options for your unique venture.

  • How Hydraulic Cylinders Work – Hydraulic cylinders are mechanical actuators designed to convert hydrostatic energy into mechanical energy. In other words, they use fluid pressure to power various mechanisms. Each cylinder contains a piston, and when the chamber on either side of the piston’s seal is filled with hydraulic fluid, the buildup of fluid causes the piston to move.
  • Applications of Hydraulic Cylinders – As we mentioned above, hydraulic cylinders are used in a wide variety of applications. They can be used to push, pull, lift, and lower various loads and mechanisms. For instance, you may have seen hydraulic cylinders in heavy construction equipment, such as backhoes. These machines feature long cylinders which run the length of the different segments of the backhoe’s arm. As fluid levels in the cylinders raise and lower, the arm extends and retracts, allowing it to operate as needed.
  • Types of Hydraulic Cylinders – There are multiple variations on the basic hydraulic cylinder design, including tie-rod cylinders, round-line cylinders, and more. Our team is thoroughly familiar with all varieties of hydraulic cylinders, and we can help you determine which is best for your needs.